Site Update

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You might be more familiar with a site that looks something like the picture. It seemed pretty obvious to us that we’d outgrown that site. For what we started as, it was perfect. Nice and minimal and represented what we’re about just fine. Worked as a storefront. What more does a yoyo company need… really?

Well… we wanted to be able to showcase the team a bit more because we’re proud of them and we like them and felt they were very under represented with our previous website. Just adding a team page is kind of underachieving though, so there are bios too to give you a window into what they’re like as people. So click around and watch or rewatch their videos.

Also we get questions about past yoyos all the time… like all the time. Which made total sense since the previous site didn’t have any easily accessible yoyos page so everything not currently for sale was a mystery. This one does. Looks like we aren’t as edgy and cool anymore.


-sf out