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Posted 3 years ago

The SF team has a spot opening up in the near future. We’re seeking someone who can enthusiastically represent our brand both online and in-person. This individual would need to fit into our team environment and have a personality that could be a part of the SF cinematic universe. It’s a very tightknit small family so cohesion is important. Ideally, you already like our products so endorsing them comes naturally and we already like watching you do tricks so endorsing you comes naturally, too.

Sponsorship should be mutually beneficial to both parties, please keep that in mind when you apply. We’re much more involved than just free yoyos on a quarterly basis. Compensation is on a case to case basis given player value, but things like travel assistance and signature products are on the table. Each application will be reviewed by a human being and we value many different types of players.


Note: If you are currently sponsored by another brand, there will be no disclosure of your notification of interest. Your application will be completely private.

Basic requirements

Talented at yoyoing

The ability to create original tricks

Active social media presence

Kindness and approachability

Advanced desires

Competitive experience

Videography skills

Interesting personality

Something to bring to the table beyond yoyo tricks

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