OD + SF = SK

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So this exists.


How cool is that?

Their description definitely isn’t the same as ours, though. We’re probably going to use…

“You start a yoyo company for some reason. It does okay. A year later you get to collaborate with your heroes.

It’s that feeling all the time.”

Seems accurate, right? We’re so happy to work with the fine people at One Drop for the first time and making this was really cool. Designing a yoyo and seeing it come into existence the same day at the shop was truly an unforgettable experience. Your initial opportunity to cop will be at PNWR this weekend, 2/24. We’ll have a table and so will One Drop. Blacks and Clears will be available at our table, OD will have some other colors. Ours will have an… interesting way to purchase them. What are we if not nontraditional?

Oh also… the SK costs 44 dollars.

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