New Team Member Application Page + Nats Recap

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So… one of our team members is going to be departing soon. They’ve got a major life event and saying “see you later” is gonna suck.

However, it also signals a spot opening up. We could go through the regular process of flirting with people on Instagram, but that’s a little tired. Really quite a bit of the usual process of team recruitment is tired. Everyone says “don’t ask to get sponsored”… why?

Ask. Please. Half of our team asked.

Sooooo we made a full application page. Up top there is now a link on the navigation bar that says “Join Our Team”. Click it if that appeals to you. We’ll watch you yoyo. We’ll talk about it and ask more questions if we’re interested. It’ll be great. We’ll know you want to join the team instead of being coy and flirtatious on Instagram.

Maybe you’ll be in one of these pictures soon.


So that other bit. US Nats was cool. We had four 1A finalists and 3 more players who were points away. Paul was cutoff and missed finals by a fraction of a point. It was sad. He’ll return to finals in the future for sure. Connor placed 2nd in 1A. Watching the neck god level up has been an absolute privilege. Hayden made finals for the first time at Nationals. He was extremely happy. Keiran’s beta test went alright… watch out in Cleveland for a cleaner coop. Alec is now the reigning Ceasefire champion.

In general, we’re on to Cleveland.

Angelo is going to final. Calling it.