Near future. (Bliss, Cadence, SK)

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Greetings I guess,

So the Cadence is going to come out pretty soon. Finally. It’s been fun making Keiran a yoyo he could be happy about. It’s our most prototyped yoyo so far. The first one was alright, the second one was iffy, the second second one was nice, and the third fourth one is great. Really can’t wait for people to try it. I am not sure if anyone has kept track of how many times SF has called a yoyo “good” or even used positive words to describe one, it isn’t often, but that’s definitely the first time we’ve ever said great.

We’ll start sharing images soon. The one we sold one the site was a v2.1.

In addition to this, we have more Bliss coming very very very soon. Some nice colorways and a couple of them in editions we’re excited about. You’ll see why. The Bliss has, so far, maybe been our most well received yoyo. That’s always nerve wracking leading up to a release but hey it went ok.

Finally, more SKs are coming. Hopefully a bunch since those crashed our stupid site last week. Bless OD.