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2018 was a fun trip. Thank you all for having fun with our toys, watching our content, and just being so wonderful overall. Interacting with the yoyo community in this capacity is an unbelievable blessing.

Our early plans for 2019 are pretty simple. Release the Statement, update the Cadence, release some great videos. Beyond that we have some other ideas for the year.


The Statement is ready. It’s been a long road to be able to say that… but they all exist now and will start rolling out into the world very shortly. Every company faces trials and tribulations to getting a prototype where they want it… so we won’t complain about something normal. It just took awhile. Sorry about that. Tony had the first prototype in August when his announcement video released.

It’s January now. That’s FOREVER in yoyoland. #wantstatement.

One exciting bit of news is that it won’t follow the general guideline of “SF bimetal = $100”. It will cost less.

Cadence Patch

The Cadence did pretty well in 2018. Keiran used it for about a million hours, so he was in a pretty good position to present ideas for how to improve it. Now it fits what he wants out of a yoyo more than this yoyo that is already his signature. Cool.

More rim weight, softer catch, better gap. Engine swap, leather seats for comfort, new brakes.

It doesn’t look that different. We have no idea what to call it. Send stupid name ideas in DMs.

Pink ones will appear on our site before the end of the month.


Planning on some really cool content soon. Paul will have the video his new tricks deserve very soon. We’re going to try and have a more robust YouTube presence throughout the coming year, too. Don’t let the long form video die… or do, I guess, whatever. We’re still going to post more.

Other plans

We still like collaborating with other brands… because that’s fun and making toys is supposed to be fun. So we plan on doing that again this year. Look for updates on this. Hopefully they’re exciting. Maybe they won’t be. I can’t gauge your feelings.

In addition to that, we want to make something cheaper than what we make now. That should be available soon and we’re very stupid excited over it but don’t want to over share.

Whether you read all of this or not, thank you for being you.