2 Years

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Oh, hey there.

Hopefully you just set a new personal record in Cavy Control. If you did, let’s recap together. If not, back to the game.

Two whole years huh? Wow… we didn’t even think we were going to last two drops truthfully.

Year two was pretty cool to us. Right around our first birthday we took a trip to One Drop to make the SK and that was swell.

Swell is a really strange way to say “completely overwhelming dream fulfillment”

The SK came out and it’s been a success. The mission was to make an accessible yoyo and it’s hit that target. We’ve seen more than a couple posts on various places about it being someone’s first unresponsive yoyo and it just feels really special we could be that to anyone at all.

Plus we got to make this!

fav wow omg

We also got to collaborate with CoreCo. CoreCo are like the embodiment of all the positives of U.S. contest culture in a company. Absolute pleasure. Like the name implies, we made a BFF. I would expect another collaboration with CoreCo from us in the future. That isn’t some sort of thinly veiled hint about something already in the works btw, just a wish.

Friendship. In a yoyo. That you bought maybe.

Another big milestone in year two… our first signature! It was super fitting that our first signature yoyo was for Paul. Paul joined our team when we were much smaller and there’s no way we can ever express the gratitude we have for everything he’s done as a player for us. So instead we made the Bliss.

…and that’s like, cool too, right?

To cap off a wild year of releases and events, we made the Cadence. It was for that one guy who gets tagged “insp. @keirannogo” in every other #trickcircle post.


Year 2 also kicked off retail for us. It’s pretty awesome these well established amazing businesses believe in us even though we don’t tell them who we are. Direct sales are cool and all for full control and sticky notes, but we definitely can trust our brand in these people’s hands.

These people are lovely

So far this recap has ignored that our team expanded quite a bit in year two.

Alex Gallimore started representing us early in our second year and gosh do we appreciate him. He’s been a player we loved watching for years now so the ability to send him yoyos and just be his friend is something we treasure. Jared Marcus joined our team and brought pineapple emojis to our teamchat, won a bunch of contests, and has been inspiring to watch grow as a player. Alec Jones has been a terror upon my life. Collin Ellingson has been the greatest pickup if only for the level of humor he injects into each day… also double GTs. Keiran Cooper… not much I can say that you don’t already know. It’s been a pleasure to make the Cadence a reality and I can’t overstate how strange it’s been feeling like a yoyo mom watching his freestyles. Yuto Shishido gave us sick representation in Japan and says goofy stuff. Andy joined the team but that doesn’t count since he’s basically always been on it. Angelo Aguirre introduced the word shiz into our lives and for that reason, we’ll never be the same. Also dropped the most fire video. Hopefully we can get him a signature in year three. Connor Seals joined late in our second year and I look forward to many years on the edge of my seat of watching world class freestyles then nerding out on yoyo afterward with him.

We wrote some nonsense about their yoyoing, but above all we just appreciate them as people.


Year 3 has fun stuff in store. We kicked it off with the Cadence Ti preorder. The DK is going to release soon with A/RT (swoon). The Statement is soon to follow with a big team announcement. We took an L. There is a treaty being negotiated. We want to release a sequel.

Most of all, we want to make a cheap injection molded plastic.

It’s been a real trip. It feels sappy, but to all of you who’ve ever believed in this silly little anonymous company- thank you. Seriously. Thank you.

So much.